Sunday, June 5, 2011

A calm afternoon on Bernard

Mile End is one of my favourite parts of Montreal, and Bernard is the heart of it. Running through Mile End and Outremont, it is a mix of student-friendly and family-friendly, affordable and chic and such a joy to wander through without a destination. There are innumerable gems to discover.

We studied on the back patio of Lumière du Mile End (214 Bernard O). The cappuccino was great and although we did not eat there, the sandwiches looked and smelled amazing. Our next stop next door, Café Dépanneur (206 Bernard O). The atmosphere here was amazing - they have independent artists that sign up to perform for 1 hour slots all day, every day. The schedule is displayed on a chalk board at the front of the café. They have a wide variety of omelettes, sandwiches, grilled cheese, deserts and coffees. My vegetarian omelette was not very good, but the deserts, coffee and live music were extraordinary. They also have a back room that is much more quiet and a great spot for studying (just like walking into a living room), as well as a patio.

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